Scout Quest is a different kind of data co-op.

Participating organizations share their supporter email, action, donation, deliverability, engagement, and fundraising behavior. In return, they receive volumes of rich, useful data about their supporters to help in targeting, re-engagement, advertising and more.

But it’s not what participants share that makes M+R’s co-op different. It’s what we don’t ask them to share: supporters’ privacy.

That’s right. Scout Quest doesn’t ask you to give your donor or activist names or contact information to anyone. Behavioral data on how your supporters are interacting with other organizations — email and donation patterns — are powerful without sacrificing your supporters’ privacy and trust.

Our model works.

Co-op-identified subscribers made more than 600 donations at EOY for one participant
Another participant has reactivated more than 50,000 subscribers
The average ad tier participant saw a 78% increase in ROAS

Scout Quest has been effective at identifying people who are good candidates to re-engage over email and in advertising targeting — as in, safely reactivating tens of thousands of supporters on their email files, and seeing more than a 10:1 return on the work in just a few months (that’s revenue they brought in from people they reactivated by using the co-op data). But wait, there’s more… Scout Quest also offers custom lookalike audiences for ad targeting built from the full co-op data set.

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How it works

Step 1
Let us know you're interested at
Step 2
Review requirements and sign agreement
Step 3
Provide subscriber info, email-clicker data, action-taker data, and donation data
Step 4
We compare lists, normalize data, create advertising lookalike models, and generate your dashboard
Step 5
You select what data you want to purchase after reviewing match rates from your dashboard
Step 6
You receive valuable data back on matched supporters you selected and access to lookalike audiences you selected for ad targeting
Step 7
Use your data to help with email reactivation, ad targeting, raising more money for your cause, and motivating more activists

We are M+R

We are communicators, marketers, fundraisers, and campaigners who help causes that inspire people to act. We work exclusively with nonprofits who are alleviating suffering, fighting for human rights and democracy, dismantling inequality, making art and knowledge accessible to everyone, and fostering a healthier and sustainable world.

* You might already know about Scout, M+R’s proprietary data dashboard that includes Scout Reports, Scout Ads, and Scout ROI. Until now, Scout has only been available to M+R clients. But Scout Quest…is way too great to keep to ourselves.

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